Breast Health Specialists of Oklahoma, Dr. John Frame

Committed to Whole-Patient Care

At Breast Health Specialists of Oklahoma, we understand the fears that naturally occur the moment a problem is detected or even suspected. That’s why we take a profoundly different approach to breast cancer diagnosis and treatment, one that provides complete care, expedient response, and puts you on the path of hope.

Breast Health Specialists of Oklahoma believes medical care should also be compassionate and support the patient emotionally. In addition to providing patients with exceptional breast cancer surgical care (when necessary), we offer comprehensive support services that focus on whole-person healing, such as counseling, nutrition, massage and physical therapy.

A Uniquely Different Approach

Dr. John Frame drafted this unique method of care many years ago after treating a female patient for breast cancer. He recalls an experience with one of the his first patients that left an indelible mark on him, and has affected his overall philosophy and mind-set towards patient care:

“In treating her, I thought I had done a great job,” says Dr. John Frame. “She was hospitalized for a week. I delivered great news. And I thought I had been attentive and cared for her every need. Then, when her treatment was over, she shared with me a journal she had kept of her breast cancer journey.” Outwardly, she had appeared strong. Inwardly, she had been a wreck. “That’s the moment, all those years ago, when I realized we – as doctors – were missing something vital.”

For more than 15 years of his nearly three decades in surgical care, Dr. Frame has focused aggressively on breast cancer treatment that takes into consideration the unique emotional needs of the patient.

At Breast Health Specialists of Oklahoma, treatment is designed to lessen the anxiety already associated with breast cancer. We provide faster test results, a coordinated treatment plan, and instantly updated electronic health records that are accessible anytime online by the patient.

“There’s a way to provide treatment that is calming, anxiety relieving, and compassionate,” says Dr. Frame. “That’s what I’m doing differently. That’s what my patient was telling me all those years ago.”

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Flexible Surgical Options

In order to provide flexible surgical options for our patients,  Dr. Frame has established surgical privileges at the following hospitals:

It's been almost eleven years since I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Everyday is sweet and I don't take a moment for granted. When I count my blessings, I'm especially grateful that Dr. John Frame was there for me when I was faced with the greatest challenge of my life. He cared for me with such skill and compassion. He gave me confidence and hope that the battle could be won. I'll always appreciate his being in my corner for the fight and his continuing care that has helped me achieve the healthy life that I enjoy today."